It was a great season

The 5- and 6-year-old members of the Crescenta Sports Association Shetland Tournament Team, the Falcons, ended its season with a team party at the Dunsmore wading pool.
Though they didn’t win any of the tournaments, they were competitive in each.
Nolan Morrissey was a key infielder with an unstoppable bat. Hot corner man Adam Grau stopped the fastest grounders and made the throw to first. Teddy Amorosi was the team power hitter. Jordan Lamm was the golden glove, able to field any ball hit to him. Jack Pfau was the RBI king, putting points on the board at every game. Matthias Mihld was the most consistent player, never missing a game or practice and always ready
to play. Lucas Ponce was the toughest player on the field, proving so on a collision play at home that sent both players to the ground, yet he somehow held onto the ball. Mathew Ruf, the play-maker, saved more than one game with his skills.
Bennett Goldman was the clutch hitter of the team, getting on base against the strongest of opponents. Jayden Menchaca, a first year player, was the most improved. Nick Nolan was willing to sacrifice his body to make a catch. Zachary Roh always had his head in the game, practicing the motions of to do if the ball came to him. The most valuable player was Nathan Hunstable, who summed up the season best.
“It was a lot of fun,” he said, “but would have been even more fun if we won more.”
Contributed by Doug Ebert