Treasures of the Valley » Mike Lawler

Band-Tailed Pigeon: Our Only True Native Pigeon
My wife and I have found immense joy in the bird feeder we set up a few years ago. It hangs on a rope from the eaves right outside a big picture window in our living room, perfect for observing the ebb and flow of migrating species, along with […]

VIEWS from the Valley » Susan BOLAN

Let It Begin With Me
Do you remember the good ole days when you could have a casual conversation with a friend or co-worker about politics, maybe even speculate on who was going to win an election, and stating your case as to why your candidate was the best choice? I sure do. From family dinners […]

Treasures of the Valley » Mike Lawler

The Later Years of the Montrose Theater
Last week I wrote about the beginnings of our hometown favorite, the Montrose Theater, which was located right on Honolulu Avenue in the heart of Montrose. The 600-seat theater was built in 1924 as a cooperative venture by several Montrose businessmen to boost customers at their own stores. After […]


Letter to a Best Friend
Dearest friend: We have only known each other for about 10 years. We think so much alike about issues and situations that we many times just smile and laugh in recognition. There has been one barrier in our relationship and that is our political divide. This is what has happened to […]

NEWS from Washington » Adam SCHIFF

We Must Protect the United States Postal Service
Through the Civil War, the Great Depression, and two World Wars, the United States Postal Service has been there to meet the needs of the American people, no matter the weather, danger or distance the letter carriers had to travel.
Every day, millions of Americans rely on the […]

Letter to the Editor

Regarding the Glendale Sundowner City [Resolution Passes Council Recognizing Glendale’s ‘Sundown Town’ History,’ Sept. 17]. While it was probably all correct, the way it was written made me believe that all of Glendale was just bigoted racists. Maybe some, but not all. There were many good and fair people. I came to Glendale with my […]

Treasures of the Valley » Mike Lawler

The Early Years of the Montrose Theater
I’ve written about the Montrose Theater briefly before but it’s such an icon of Montrose that it really deserves a deeper dive. For those new to our community (and by that I mean moved here in the last 40 years), the Montrose Theater was legendary in the history of […]

Be Aware of Scams

» Part II
Some predators are becoming more sophisticated, using burner phones, social media and other technology to try and snare victims. Readers have called CVW with concerns about calls they’ve received supposedly by the IRS [Internal Revenue Service], calls regarding Social Security “breaches” and others that ask personal questions about everything from voting […]

NEWS from Sacramento » Assemblymember Laura FRIEDMAN

Climate Change and Wildfires
This month we’ve set another record in California, one we never wanted to reach. According to California Dept. of Forestry and Fire Protection – CAL FIRE– since the beginning of the year until the time I penned this editorial, California wildfires have burned over 3.2 million acres (as we go to print, […]

Letters to the Editor

Value of Motel
Obviously, the current [La Crescenta Motel] is outdated but the need for a modern foothill community hotel remains. It would much better serve the community than a four- or five-story affordable housing structure with all the problems associated with it. The large increase in vacant multistory business buildings in LA and Glendale are […]