Unity In The Community
I would be lying if I said the upheaval that took place in our country over the last year did not affect me. It did – in a big way. What a tumultuous year. I want so badly to stand on top of Mt. Lukens and scream about all the injustices, the […]

Treasures of the Valley << Mike Lawler

More Local Movie Filming Locations
I’ve written several columns about the many films that have been shot in our community over the years, most of which were in Montrose or at the La Crescenta Motel. But recently I was introduced to a short video by Sunland-Tujunga based filmmaker Craig Durst. He presents scenes from famous movies, […]


Opposes Censoring of Letters
The letters in [the Jan. 21] paper were interesting to say the least. What did disturb me was the request for [the CV Weekly] to censor what letters it prints. That writer seems to think that you should not print what offends or disturbs that reader.
I see, hear and read things that […]


 America’s Renewal and Restoration Has Begun At Long Last
Jan. 20 marked a new beginning. For a nation that never got to celebrate the new year, the historic inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris was New Year’s Day. Listening to President Biden’s inaugural address, I couldn’t help but feel optimistic about the […]

Treasures of the Valley << Mike Lawler

Grayson’s Tune Town – Part 2
Last week former CV resident Mike McClish wrote a beautiful history of the beginnings of Montrose’s iconic Grayson’s Tune Town. Here is what he wrote about their later years:
“The years 1960-1985 were the years that Grayson’s Tune Town evolved the most from selling only records, then moving into car stereo […]

Letters to the Editor

Letter Raises Concerns
I am very concerned about the publishing of the letter to the editor by Yatindra Bhatnagar (Jan. 14, CVW). While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, they are not entitled to their own facts. This letter is full of already debunked conspiracy theories. I would urge the author to read articles such […]

News from Sacramento << Laura Friedman

An Important Update on EDD
It has been nearly 10 months since we took the painful but crucial step of entering lockdown due to the unprecedented spread of the COVID-19. Since then, we’ve lost almost 30,000 lives in LA County alone to COVID, which has infected 22.3 million people nation-wide. 
COVID’s shockwaves have rippled through our economy, […]

News from the CVTC << Harry Leon

Dear Friends,
As the sun set on 2020, I know many of us breathed a sigh of relief that we could close this chapter. Our families, friends, neighbors and community members have experienced immeasurable losses last year – of routines, of special events, like CVTC pancake breakfast, Hometown Country Fair, Oktoberfest, Christmas tree lighting, and school […]

Treasures of the Valley << Mike Lawler

Grayson’s Tune Town – Part 1
Former CV resident Mike McClish recently wrote a beautiful history of Montrose’s iconic Grayson’s Tune Town. Mike grew to love music, thanks to Grayson’s, and made a career out of it. Here is much of what he wrote:
“My family moved here in 1953, onto Maryann Street, next to a big […]

Letters to the Editor

Cheers Wise Packaging Choices
Here’s a big shout-out to Sushi Monster in Montrose! This restaurant has consistently excellent food while using a minimal amount of single-use/non-recyclable plastic for their take-out packaging, the least of the numerous local restaurant options I patronize. My latest to-go order from them used paper or cardboard containers except for one tiny […]