Treasures of the Valley » Mike lawler

Glendale Fought the Nazis in 1964
The City of Glendale made news recently by officially apologizing for its racist past, specifically racial restrictions on housing and unwritten “sundown laws” which “encouraged” African Americans to be out of town by sundown. Glendale was the first city in California to acknowledge its error, and the third in the […]

News from the CVWD – Emergency Preparedness

All areas of the United States can experience natural hazards, but whether they become disasters, or even catastrophes, depends in large part on what we do now to prepare to survive and recover. With September being National Preparedness Month and October being Earthquake Preparedness Month, it seems a great time to let the community know […]

Letters to the Editor

Supporting our Armenian Community
For many years the Crescenta Valley/Glendale community has embraced the rich diversity of our Armenian community members recognizing the numerous contributions from students, families and businesses of Armenian descent who add to our community’s strength.
During the past several weeks civilian adults and children in Artsakh and
Armenia have been killed or injured by […]

News from Washington: Rep. Adam Schiff

We Must Stand with Armenia and the People of Artsakh
Last month, Azerbaijani bombs began falling on the people of Artsakh. In the weeks since, hundreds have been killed or injured and thousands have been displaced from their homes, sleeping out in the open for fear of drones or artillery or bombs. Historic churches have been […]

Treasures of the Valley: Mike Lawler

Fremont Elementary School Gets Letters from Vietnam
I was fortunate to have a chance to look at the history files kept by the Fremont Elementary PTA. Although there were many treasures from the school’s nearly 100-year history, the most touching were thank you letters from soldiers in Vietnam. Fremont students had assembled care packages of candy […]

Treasures of the Valley » Mike Lawler

Our Relic Air Raid Siren Gets a New and Better Home
A few years ago, I wrote about a Cold War relic that we have in our valley, the Chrysler Air Raid Siren. Many of you remember our post-WWII Cold War with the Soviet Union that put the Los Angeles area in the crosshairs of a […]


The Importance of Méndez v. Westminster School District of Orange County
In celebration of Latino/Hispanic Heritage Month, I would like to share the historic case Méndez v. Westminster School District of Orange County, instrumental in the American Civil Rights Movement.
This year we have experienced more intense and forceful discrimination against all people of color. The […]


Schiff’s ‘Transparency’ is Unclear
To Adam Schiff regarding his recent Protecting Our Democracy Act reform package.
1. The U.S. is not a “democracy” it is a “republic.” I recommend that you study the Constitution as there is a very significant difference between the two forms of government. Our nation’s brilliant founders deliberately chose “republic” over a “democracy.” […]

News from the CV Town Council » Harry Leon

Voting Info, Dumping Issues and More
It is October and fall is in full swing. Kids are getting a hang of distance learning and parents are feeling a little more comfortable at home. But first and foremost, the CV Town Council wants to acknowledge our Armenian community members and let them know that we stand with […]

Treasures of the Valley » Mike Lawler

The Bullock House in La Cañada
The history of the Crescenta Cañada Valley, along with Altadena next door, is filled with narratives of wealthy folks who saw the foothills of the San Gabriels as a place to build a “mountain retreat.” These higher elevations, with their (then) crystal-clear air, were thought of as healthy places to […]