Reminds that We Are All Americans

Has anger and hate replaced love and respect in our country? Have we forgotten that we are all Americans? Why have we allowed our political parties to divide us? It doesn’t take long to realize that all energies are devoted to getting control of our Congress. Who are they serving? It doesn’t appear that it is the people’s interest!

The best government is one that is harmonist. Those who can’t work together must be replaced. Party leaders who forbid members from crossing party lines on issues of importance should be replaced. This is no longer acceptable by the people. All issues must focus on what is best for the country not [on] constituents. Special interests are no longer welcome. We need a watchdog agency for those in the pockets of our representatives. Hearsay does not count. Only proof of accusations is acceptable and [accusers] will be liable if found inappropriate. A person should be innocent until proven guilty.

Let’s talk about the past actions of our two-party system. It has divided our nation and its people. It has caused anger and frustration that I believe has caused troubled Americans to [commit] acts of murder or attempt [harm] to others.

Let’s now talk about our news media’s emotional unfounded reporting only on what’s bad in this country and blaming whomever. This type of reporting creates unrest, anger and division. Let’s let them know we want only factual reporting and that there should be equal time for reporting the good actions of the people of this country. Positive news is best for the healing of this country.

We have problems to solve and without respect and cooperation nothing will be accomplished.

Ken Grayson, owner
Grayson’s Tune Town