Did you know that according to the U.S. Administration on Aging in 2000, approximately 605 million people were 60 years or older. In 2050, that number is expected to be close to 2 billion. At that time, seniors will outnumber children 14 and under for the first time in history!

And along came ASTER –Assisting Seniors Through Enhanced Resources. ASTER is a non-profit whose mission is to serve as a resource for older adults and their families in the Foothill communities.

ASTER is a support organization not just for seniors but for anyone interested in learning how to handle life challenges as they age.

In recognizing the growing need within the senior population, our goal is to arm our seniors and their caregivers with great resources. ASTER sees itself as the conduit in bringing together community services, groups and organizations in one convenient spot – TheASTER.org.

No matter what the need – health, wellness, housing, classes, safety, fun or education – ASTER brings them to one central place.

While right now many can be found on our website, ASTER in the near future will provide a printed directory and ultimately a place where seniors can call and get crucial information. ASTER’s goal is to be the first and best resource for seniors and their caregivers in the foothill communities.

Where is ASTER right now? Information is currently available on our website TheASTER.org. There you can find a list of resources, a senior community calendar as well as a list of local senior discounts.

If you have been to an ASTER event in the past, you will be happy to know the ASTER Speaker Series will be returning in November (date and topic to be announced). Our series will always be focused around community, safety, security, and empowerment for seniors

Where is ASTER going? In our next article, we will discuss some of the plans for 2014 – renewing our focus on the critical issues facing seniors today, and sharing with you some of the fun plans which include a senior prom and senior ditch day!

I would encourage you to visit our site and learn more about TheASTER.org. You can email us at contact@theaster.org or give us a call (818) 306-5224. Don’t hesitate to ask ASTER!!

Robbyn Battles is the president of ASTER. TheASTER.org