Letters to the Editor

Appreciates Local Coverage

I, for one, do not subscribe to the CV Weekly for news that is out of our area. At the bottom of the masthead it reads The Foothills Community Newspaper. That is what I believe most of us want to read about – local business, history, political shenanigans, etc. and so forth. I also subscribe to the Los Angeles Daily News. There I can find what is going on in LA County, California, other states, the Ukraine. Europe, Asia and a whole lot more. I do not need to see Mike Lawler and Vladimir Putin sharing the same pages.

I urge the CV Weekly to continue reporting on subjects that are of interest to our community. Anyone who wants national or inter-national news can just subscribe to another newspaper that is already publishing those subjects.  

Tom Suter
La Crescenta

Contests Supposed Outreach Efforts by CVWD

For more than 35 years as a resident living in Montrose, I have attended numerous CVWD Board of Directors meetings.

Mid-June this year – while paying my bill at the counter – I unexpectedly was told that CVWD is in the process of enacting a PTL (property tax lien) to my real estate and to every other real estate parcels where about 11,000 water meters are installed unless 50%+1 of owners who also live on their premises will object to in writing – by Sunday July 15, 2023.

To date, no flyers, no notices, no mailings of any sort were received by us or anyone in our neighborhood from CVWD.

Since then, I have objected of the PTL being enacted and requested answers at each CVWD Board Meeting to my questions … none was received.

Below please find a copy of my Aug. 22, 2023 letter to Mr. Lee, CVWD acting general manager; additional copies were attached for his distribution to each board member and to the legal counsel.

Perhaps the Crescenta Valley Weekly may assist us locating an attorney or a qualified neighbor to challenge this property tax lien for all 11,000 account holders.

George Solymar


Dear Mr. Lee,

Subject: Property Tax Lien

What is commodity other [than] the water?

Is the pipe property?

Who owns the property?

When was the lien authorized by the Board of Directors?

When were the 11,000 account holders notified in writing – date and year?

When will I receive a copy of document 218, previously requested?

Is CVWD also paying separately on a tax lien for its water suppliers’ pipeline? Los Angeles, Foothill etc.