Asks for Open Eyes and Open Hearts
Dear Mayor, Council Members and Senator,
A beautiful piece of property – a treasure of history for the city of Glendale – awaits in north Glendale to become a lovely park for the enjoyment of the people of Glendale. The green and restful properties in the city are being lost to massive buildings, losing the charm and changing the face of Glendale from the city of beauty it once was. Let’s preserve what beautiful and restful property we have left for the enjoyment of the citizens of Glendale.
The Rockhaven property in north Glendale, besides being a wonderful piece of history worthy of preservation, is a beautiful setting of trees and plants and lawn and quaint buildings just waiting to become an oasis of peace and a refuge from the busy daily life for your constituents to enjoy as a place to unwind with a book, a friend, family and, if it goes as planned, a place to enjoy a snack, cup of coffee or tea, a light lunch or brunch, or browse shops made useful with art and gifts and books and perhaps classes in the existing buildings which will be improved and updated if you, the city council, will grant this piece of public property as a gift to the people of Glendale.
Please open your eyes to the beauty of this property and [open] your hearts to preserve it as a place of beauty and history.
As a plaque on a stone in a park in another city says: “A park to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for the community.
Marian Westerholm
La Crescenta


Friedman’s Effort Equals Zero Result
The July 19 issue of CV Weekly had an Update from Sacramento by Assembly-member Laura Friedman [Viewpoints] on harassment and retaliation in the backdrop of Weinstein scandal and “Me Too” backlash.
Six months of hearings on reports of sexual harassment by even sitting legislators (shocking!) resulted in “understanding of the depth of harassment in the workplace.” The high-power committee came up with a “package of reformative recommendations” later adopted by both houses. Wow!
That’s fine, but the “update” didn’t say anything about “action” taken against the culprits, including sitting legislators! I appreciate the attempts to stop “brushing the harassment into the shadows,” but what was the concrete action? They could only hear, recommend and hope for the best. Was this lengthy exercise an eyewash or the complaints were not genuine?
Friedman didn’t mention that any legislator or staffer was disciplined, reprimanded, condemned, forced to resign, charged, arrested or expelled.
It takes real guts to act against fellow legislators and powerful staffers on complaints of harassment!
Yatindra Bhatnagar