Calling Street Maintenance
Clank – clank – clank goes the manhole cover, all day, all night at the intersection of Honolulu Avenue and Dunsmore. The neighbors have been calling street maintenance since April … they’ve been out a couple of times to try to fix it, but have failed to do so.

Whenever a wheel of a car goes over the manhole cover it makes a loud metal on metal clank – clank [noise].

Please …we need help; we’re at our wits end.
Dennis J. Crouse
La Crescenta

Would Like Some Rooms at an Inn
There is an unmet business need in the Crescenta Valley. We need a reasonably priced family-oriented hotel or motel for out of town guests we don’t have space for in our homes. People with large houses including guest rooms might need other options.

We have relatives who are allergic to our four cats. Even if I hadn’t given up housework for community activism years ago, there’s no way to get the place clean enough to not trigger a stuffed up head, runny nose and teary eyes in our visitors.

Several friends who live in the area have mentioned they have to send out of town visitors to Pasadena or downtown Glendale for accommodations.

The long for sale property at the southwest corner of Foothill and Pennsylvania might be a good location for a small inn. A well-designed building would be a great entryway into the Glendale portion of Foothill. There are other potential locations along Foothill Boulevard all the way into Sunland-Tujunga.

I hope elected officials, city and county economic development staff and the local chambers of commerce work together to attract some hospitality businesses to the Crescenta Valley.
Sharon Weisman
Far North Glendale