Letters to the Editor

More Earthquake Preparedness Suggestions

Thank you for a very informative article [“Getting ready for the Big One: Earthquake Preparedness,” July 11]. Everyone should be prepared for the eventual earthquake that will hit us. 

Along with the food, water and other items in the article, cash in small bills should be hidden somewhere in the emergency kit because ATMs and credit card readers will probably not work and if you need something badly immediately that costs $5 and all you have is $20 and the store has no change, guess how much that item will cost.

[People should also have] a source of alternate electrical power if there is a major power failure that lasts for many days, [like] a portable generator that will power the essentials such as a refrigerator and freezer. Also, I believe, if there is a power outage solar panels will not work without a battery backup.

There are many older houses. They are most likely not bolted or inadequately bolted to the foundation. They should be earthquake retrofitted to current standards, not inexpensive but better than having your house fall off its foundation. The good news is that you may get a discount on house insurance.

Paul Liu




Solution Needed to Illegal Immigration

Tracing back illegal immigration has been a concern of our last four Presidents (two Democrats and two Republicans). It has been documented that President Obama (2009-2016) deported 1,242,286 people and the border stopped 1,507,220 people. In fact, in 2012 alone he deported 419,384 people – a record number.

There are conflicting reports as to how much these immigrants pay in taxes and how much they cost the U.S. economy and thus the people. There is definite concern whether they report their earnings.

It is disgusting that, after all these years, our Congress has done nothing to find a solution to this problem. It is also disgusting that our news media are not following Journalism Ethics & Standards (the principles of truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, fairness and public accountability).

We need to hold our leaders to accountability and bipartisan action. They are representing the people not party agenda. 

Ken Grayson

Grayson’s Tune Town, Montrose