Kudos to CVW

When I was a features reporter for a major daily newspaper in Illinois, we had fact checkers. People were employed to ensure that what was printed was the truth. As a result, our newspaper was known as a credible source, much like the Crescenta Valley Weekly. Unfortunately, not all publications print the truth. It’s sad to live in Tujunga and to have to deal with a newspaper that purposely publishes lies.

I’d like to acknowledge and salute not only your newspaper, but also your reporter Michael Arvizu. His recent article, “A ‘Brand’ New Sunland Tujunga” is a prime example of how to present an issue objectively, including both sides factually without embellishment and without personal attacks.

I hope that the Crescenta Valley Weekly will expand its coverage into Sunland-Tujunga. I also hope it will consider a piece that exposes the truth about the current Land Use issue involving a proposed build on Sister Elsie in Tujunga. Regrettably, the “National Enquirer” type reporting of another publication has painted a serious issue with the brush of “racism” – regardless of the fact that some of the very people involved in the case are of the same race as the individual proposing to build.

The issue of Sister Elsie impacts not just Sunland-Tujunga, but La Crescenta and all of the foothills communities. It involves the L.A. City Baseline Hillside Ordinance – a hard-won policy that serves to protect and preserve our land by setting forth guidelines for the size of structures based on square footage and slope of lots. Glendale and Pasadena have been successful in enforcing the Baseline Hillside Ordinance, while the City of L.A. continues to sidestep it, handing out variances like after dinner mints – all for their own profit.

Newspapers like the Crescenta Valley Weekly need to continue in their mission to tell our stories and to present our issues truthfully and objectively. I thank you for the ethical journalism you spearhead and sincerely hope you grow and prosper because towns like Sunland-Tujunga benefit from credible news sources such as yours. Thank you.

Paolina Milana