The old proverb, “It takes a village …” rings true in my heart. My youngest son will be graduating from Clark Magnet High School [today] and, as I reflect on the past few years, I have become increasingly aware and appreciative of all the people who have contributed to his development and maturity.

Mountain Avenue Elementary was a fantastic starting point to learn how to read and write well, grasp math concepts but, more importantly, learn the value of integrity, respect, being true to yourself and embracing others. These invaluable skills were taught by hard-working teachers such as Mrs. Stephen, Mrs. Ewing, Mrs. Schroeder, Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Dziok and Mrs. Novak, to name a few, and through the leadership of Dr. Andrade (Ms. Witt).

While at Rosemont Middle School my son learned to love math with the support of Ms. Henderson and found a renewed interest and enjoyment in English, as fostered by Ms. Avery. Although the two years at Rosemont were quick, it was also a significant time for him to build valuable friendships and gain confidence.

While I knew his primary education had prepared him for high school, these were the years when I felt the most anxiety. He chose to attend Clark Magnet High School and was fortunate to be selected through the lottery process. The campus provided a perfect environment and I was delighted to observe my son smoothly navigate through high school, as he had several positive influences to guide him. Thanks to the guidance of his counselor Mrs. Turdjian, the enthusiasm of instructors like Mrs. Guarino, the Davises, Mr. Pruitt, Mrs. Reinhard, Mrs. Kassakhian, and so many others, and the energy and inspiration of Mr. Over, my son matured into a responsible, creative, confident young man ready for college and beyond.

The YMCA of The Foothills also provided a wonderful platform to foster my son’s growth. The Y offers great teen programs, such as PILOTS, and also gave him a place to engage in many extra-curricular activities and volunteering opportunities that helped to develop him into a healthy, compassionate and generous individual.

Now, as my son graduates from Clark Magnet High School, I truly appreciate those who have made it a priority to make a difference in a child’s life. I am also grateful for living in a town that values our children, their well-being and education. It certainly does “take a village” to raise our children and it takes a child to help us see the importance of our community and schools.

Thank you, La Crescenta! Congratulations to the Class of 2017!

Deb Kallas, a Clark Magnet High School mom

La Crescenta