Letters to the Editor

A Note of Thanks

The board of education and I would like to thank the Glendale/La Crescenta community for their overwhelming support of Measure S. We are extremely grateful to the community for the unwavering endorsement of the Glendale Unified School District.

On a personal note, I would like to thank those of you who participated in the Yes on S campaign. There are too many individuals to thank, but I would like to highlight four individuals who spearheaded the campaign: co-chairs Harry Hull and Mary Boger, and Board President Greg Krikorian and Rebecca Delfino. They, along with the Yes on S Committee, did a wonderful job in organizing parents, pupils, staff, community members and business leaders to help in this most important measure for our students.

Measure S will allow the district to continue to modernize campuses, make the essential repairs and upgrades to our schools, and ensure that all of our students have a safe and modern learning environment.

Now that the Bond is passed, we are committed as a district to be responsible stewards of the bond monies and provide the very best educational opportunities for our students.

Once again, a very sincere thank you to our community.

Richard Sheehan, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools

Glendale Unified School District

Thoughts on 710

Folks seem to be getting hyper about the 710 Freeway extension. It caused Ms. Oliver to remember the ’50s. Well I remember them, too. I remember that the diesel fuel of choice of the time was number one, which had a high sulphur content. Today we have number two: low sulphur. It was the sulphur that caused a lot of the yellow choking smog.

I remember exhaust pipes turning white from the lead in the gasoline. Gas is now lead free. Take any well kept box stock ’50s car today and put it on the smog check dyno. Then put on a 2001 car with the same cubic inch engine and see the differences between the readings. Vehicles and conditions of the ’50s should not be compared to today. In the ’50s, there were incinerators in back yards. We burned our trash. Only the garbage was picked up. No, we will never be like the ’50s no matter what comes of the 710 extension.

One last thought. If the trucks cannot go all the way through on the 710 at 30 to 40 mph they will be stuck in stop and go traffic. More air pollution is caused by cars and trucks stuck in traffic than if they could even go 30 mph. It may be possible that more air pollution will be made without the 710 extension than with. Also, when the winds come from the south, all air pollution over south L.A. gets blown up to the foothills. It dos not stay in the zip code where it was created.

This situation needs a lot of close study and less emotion.

Tom Suter

La Crescenta