Goodbye, Glendale Park Rangers

Sadly after two decades of service to the community, the Park Ranger program has been eliminated from the city of Glendale, a victim of the reduced budget enacted last week by the City Council. I spoke to Russ Hauck, who until last Thursday had been a Glendale Park Ranger since the program started in 1991. […]

Bombs Bursting in Airheads

Now that the smoke has cleared from the sky, the backyard barbecues have cooled and the cobs have been de-corned, what do you remember most about this past Monday’s celebration of our country’s birth? The food? The fireworks? The sales? Or simply a day off work? Personally, I won’t forget the cacophony of car alarms […]


Politically Motivated? Last week, I found out that L.A. County is planning to redraw district lines. Several of the proposals move Crescenta Valley into another district, away from Supervisor Antonovich’s 5th district. Other proposals split Glendale into two districts, or split Altadena away from La Cañada and La Crescenta. Below is the letter I wrote […]


Thank You Twilight Camp I would like to publicly applaud the great efforts of Jan Archer, Stephanie Fram and Lisa Dutton (and the many other volunteers) for organizing the 2011 Crescenta Valley Girl Scout Twilight Camp. The Twilight Camp is a camp for Brownies and Girl Scouts in which the leaders are cadets or teenage […]

Mugged – by College Expenses

I was reaching in the cabinet to get a coffee mug to begin my morning intake of steamy dark goodness when something occurred to me. Namely, that one of the consequences of parenting four smart, ambitious and capable kids is that – ultimately – they will likely attend a college or university. (The fact that […]

A Railroad to the Top of the Verdugos

A few weeks ago, I wrote of a plan to develop the Verdugo Mountains back in the 70s via a roadway along the ridgetops. But there had been a plan earlier than that –1912 to be exact – to bring people to the summit via a “funicular railway” similar to the Mt. Lowe Railway in […]


“Saying It Like You Feel” After reading Jim Chase’s June 9 column [“A Wondering I Go,” My Thoughts, Exactly], he is preaching to the choir here. I am glad to see someone who will say what they feel. That is something that is lacking in our current society. You are entitled to your opinion and […]

What a Waste

If you own or rent a home, you pay every month for the utilities: gas, water, trash, cable or satellite, electricity, etc. These regular expenses are a necessity and – baring an exceptionally cold winter or hot summer, normal monthly costs are a small but necessary part of overall living expenses. Like most people, I […]

The Oldest Business on Foothill – La Crescenta Pharmacy

Whereas Montrose has a sense of stability, Foothill Boulevard’s business center and anchor storefronts have shifted like wind-blown sand dunes in the desert. Although Benjamin Briggs laid out the “city center” of La Crescenta at Foothill and La Crescenta Avenue in 1884, and a one-room post office, stage stop and general store sprang up on […]

Being Proactive in the Crescenta Valley

CVDAPC News » DAVID MARQUEZ Soon after taking the position of executive director of the Crescenta Valley Drug and Alcohol Prevention Coalition (CVDAPC) earlier this year, I was asked by many of my friends, “Why Crescenta Valley?  I didn’t know there was a drug and alcohol problem there. Why did it receive a Drug Free […]

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