“Saying It Like You Feel”

After reading Jim Chase’s June 9 column [“A Wondering I Go,” My Thoughts, Exactly], he is preaching to the choir here. I am glad to see someone who will say what they feel. That is something that is lacking in our current society. You are entitled to your opinion and to speak it. There is nothing in the Bill of Rights that says I have the right to not be offended at any time. State your opinion. People do not need to agree, but they can state their counter opinion or just keep quiet.

It is very un-civil to call people names or put them in a class of folks just because they do not agree with them. If you are against illegals, you are just against illegal immigration. No way does that make anyone a racist.

Keep on saying it like you feel. If anyone agrees, great. If they do not, tough. They can state their own opinion if they have the guts. It was at one time called differences in opinion. We all just need to remember to keep it civil like you did.

Tom Suter
La Crescenta

Commends Column

Mike Lawler’s writing about John [Drayman] [“Drayman’s Fall from Grace and the Future of Montrose,” June 16, Treasures of the Valley] is so true, every word is how so many of us feel. Thank you for writing about John and about this awful time for him and for our beloved Montrose.

I believe John has not broken any laws and I know personally that he is heart broken and very troubled. I pray for him daily and God bless you for writing about this troubled time in his life.

Don Tubbs

Avoid a Rush to Judgment

I share Mike Lawler’s concern for John Drayman [“Drayman’s Fall from Grace and the Future of Montrose,” June 16, Treasures of the Valley], a good man who has been unfairly pilloried by the Glendale News Press. Few if any have done more for the Montrose/La Crescenta area than this dedicated civic leader.

I implore our community to avoid a rush to judgment. His detractors have been unrelenting in their vitriolic attacks. Would it be asking too much to allow justice to pursue its course? I believe that in God’s good time a more favorable case will be made for the former City councilman.

Art Cobery
La Crescenta

“More Than Meets the Eye”

In reading Mary O’Keefe’s June 9 article, “Drayman Receives Notice of Inspection,” our experience with contractors comes to mind. While the homeowner is ultimately responsible for the permits, it is the contractor who normally obtains them. That is one of the reasons to hire a contractor – it takes a license and special expertise to have the architectural plans drawn, submitted and approved, followed by the issuance of the applicable permit(s). All of this is usually built into the contractor’s fee via the contract, unless it is specifically excluded.

It is my understanding that only an individual, company or other entity with a properly issued state license can draw a permit for such a project as Mr. Drayman’s. To perform work without the proper license is subject to discipline by the Contractors’ State License Board. I believe it is also a customer’s reasonable expectation to be able to rely on the contractor’s representations, both verbal and written, especially if that contractor was referred to you by someone you trust. We have never asked to see a copy of a contractor’s license. It is sufficient that the applicable city requires it in order to issue the permit(s).

The article also mentions, “The letter comes after a neighbor who notices more work being done than permitted for makes a complaint, usually.”  How would a neighbor know what was permitted or not permitted? Who would discuss such things with their “neighbor?”  I know we wouldn’t. No, there’s more here than meets the eye.

Who knows how this whole sad debacle will play out? Only time will tell.

Sherry Stubbs
La Crescenta

Restraint Requested

This is in regard to your June 9, 2011 issue. Thank you so much for your thoughts concerning John Drayman. I also cannot say if he is innocent or guilty, but at least keep an open mind and not crucify the guy in a newspaper.

Wish the News Press would show a little restraint as you have done. Should he be found innocent of any wrongdoing, will there be a front page apology in the GNP? I think not.

Jacqueline Castleman

Questions the Value of Chopping Trees

Early May 2011, six (6) pine trees at 2143 Montrose Ave. were cut down and removed. Reason: to avoid cleaning the pine needles off the roof. Still the roof has not been cleared of any hazardous pine needles. Apparently cutting down these beautiful trees was not a safety issue because any passerby will note that the “palm” trees in front of this building near the curb on Montrose Avenue across from the Auto Club still have long drooping dead leaves hanging on each tree. However, recently it was good to note that the “palm” trees on Glenada Avenue have been trimmed of all hanging dead leaves by their property owners.

Hopefully other property owners in this community will not destroy any more beautiful pine trees from this area.  Last July, I was privileged to view seven green parrots perched on a beautiful pine tree viewed out my window which faces Glenada Avenue. Later, I read an article by Mike Lawler that this area does in fact have parrots living in the La Crescenta area. No doubt many birds will miss these tall stately trees which have taken so many years to reach their height.

I have lived in this condo at 2143 Montrose Ave., Montrose since 1996. Initially I was attracted to purchase this property because of the beautiful pine trees in front of the building. In addition, several neighbors living here have expressed to me their concern re: our property value now that these six trees have been destroyed.

Beverly J. Stephens Hubbell Mendoza

Congrats New CHP Chief
I knew [Bill Dance] in the Air Force [“Bill Dance Finds New Groove as New Assistant Chief of CHP,” June 16].
[He’s] a great person and would like to say, “Great Job, Bill.”
Rich Porter
Alexandria, Virg.