Donations for the Street family

CoverBy Mary O’KEEFE

A benefit for a local is being held at Portabello’s Restaurant in Montrose.

On Dec. 12 John Street, a member of the Light of the Corner Church was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident on the Foothill (210) freeway in Pasadena. He was survived by wife Michele, four children.

“The day of the accident there was that awful rain storm. A good Samaritan stopped by to help,” said Pastor Jon Karn.

The church’s website pays honor to John and how he loved his family.

“It was always special to see how his kids would always run up to him and wrap their arms around his neck and hug him for a long time. They truly loved their dad,” their website states.

“I baptized John last Easter,” Karn said.

He added that John had recently lost his business and the family was struggling before the tragic loss.

“John didn’t have life insurance,” Karn said.

The family is now not only coping with their grief but must face difficult financial times.

The church’s congregation started a fund for the family and is sponsoring a dine-out fund raiser at Portobello’s that continues thru Dec. 31.

Diners at Portabello’s are asked to tell their waiter or waitress that they are there in support of the Street family when they first order. A coupon will then be attached to their bill indicating that a percentage of the bill will be donated to the Street family.

“I have been faithfully delivering the donations to our bookkeeper who keeps [track] of everything. Those who donate receive a receipt. The donations are tax deductible,” Karn said.

Anyone who would like to donate but is unable to attend Portabello’s can mail a donation to Light at the Corner Church at 1911 Waltonia, Montrose, CA 91020.