LASD Arrest Reckless Drivers

On Saturday at about 1 p.m. a deputy, along with a reserve deputy, were patrolling near mile marker 33.4 on Angeles Crest Highway. The deputies noticed a cloud of smoke coming from a 2016 Dodge Challenger that was doing donuts (when the vehicle is driven in tight circles while the car’s rear wheels are doing a turnout). Another individual was recording the driving.

The deputies detained the driver and the man making the recording. It was discovered the two men were father and son. The son was arrested for reckless driving, the father was arrested for participating in a speed contest and the vehicle was impounded.

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Dept. (LASD)/Crescenta Valley Station, along with California Highway Patrol, are actively patrolling the Crest, Angeles National Highway, Big Tujunga Canyon and Upper Big Tujunga Canyon Road for reckless driving, speeding, passing double yellow lines and other moving violations.

“If you want to do burnouts, donuts or other racing, take it to the track. Local law enforcement will be citing and impounding vehicles that flagrantly break the law,” according to LASD.