Council ends month on a high note


The last Glendale City Council meeting for November wound down relatively quiet last Tuesday; a contrast from the stormy meeting that opened the month. All council members were in attendance.

Councilwoman Laura Friedman, during the council comments period, took the time to thank the Glendale Fire Department (GFD) for their hard work and efficiency. Friedman was witness to a devastating house fire on her block Friday, Nov. 26. As she watched the fire, GFD first responders came to the scene and quickly dispatched the flames. While the house on fire was destroyed, Friedman noted that the hard work of the GFD made certain that the fire didn’t spread elsewhere in the neighborhood. “I feel very safe to live in Glendale with such an incredible […] fire department,” she glowed.

Mayor Ara Najarian took this time to commend the Salvation Army’s charitable work this holiday season. Mayor Najarian himself volunteered his time at a Salvation Army Thanksgiving dinner. He encouraged all residents to volunteer their time and donate to the Salvation Army’s red kettles.

Shortly thereafter, the council voted to cancel the council meetings for Dec. 21 and Dec. 28.

Later during the meeting, the council unanimously approved the annual budget for the Montrose Shopping Park Association (MSPA) and the extension of their terms of management through December 2015.

MSPA Executive Director Dale Dawson stepped up to the podium and spoke on behalf of the MSPA. Dawson thanked the city for all its help in supporting Montrose. He also proceeded to list out the various ways the MSPA helps improve Montrose through its community events.  According to Dawson, approximately 325,000 people have attended the MSPA’s community events–people who, in turn, shop Montrose.

Mayor Najarian praised the MSPA’s work in polishing Montrose’s streets. “I’ve seen some of the old pictures Montrose; it looks so much better now,” he said.  “Please pass that on to the [MSPA] board.” Dawson also promoted the forthcoming Montrose Christmas Parade and the new MSPA Christmas Guide.

Upon reading the MSPA gift guide, Councilwoman Friedman jokingly chided Dawson over the ad for Patty’s Closet. “This place is my secret,” she grinned. “It’s one of the best stores in Los Angeles for vintage clothing and jewelry. Now you’ve told everyone; your making it difficult for me.”

Some more jocularity was had by way of Mayor Najarian when he inquired with Dale Dawson as to the correct pronunciation of “Montrose”. “Pronounce it however you like it,” joked Dawson. “Just come on by.”