SR 118 Beautification Project Begins

Caltrans announced the start of construction on the SR-118 Simi Valley Beautification Project, a $3 million effort to rejuvenate six interchanges between First Street and Kuehner Drive on State Route 118. The project is made possible through Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Clean California initiative, a $1.2 billion, multi-year cleanup effort led by Caltrans to remove trash, create thousands of jobs and engage communities to transform public areas into spaces of pride for all Californians.

“This project delivers on the promise of Clean California by transforming these interchanges into beautiful public spaces that will generate pride throughout the Simi Valley community,” said Caltrans Director Tony Tavares. “Designed with public input and participation, each unique interchange will serve to complement this vibrant community full of historic landmarks and beautiful rolling hills.”

The improvements will help control erosion and add aesthetically pleasing landscape features, including cobbled rock, drought-tolerant plants and pollinator habitats designed to attract bees and other insects beneficial to the local ecology. Ramps will feature a variety of plants and additional hardscape elements to provide a unique look to each location.

Caltrans collected suggestions from residents, which were used by project architects to reflect those community considerations in the final interchange designs.

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