Park barn work may start soon

The city of Glendale may be able to begin work on the seismic upgrade of the visitor’s center at Deukmejian Park long before repairs are underway on the fire ravaged hills, according to parks general manager George Chapjian.

The 12-acre park center apparently escaped damage from the Station Fire, while the 700 acres of hillside took virtually a total loss.

The work now on the agenda is a seismic strengthening of the site’s old stone barn, eventually planned for use as a museum and meeting hall.

The contract drew a low bid of $1.28 million, but the council eventually rejected all bids because of budget freeze by the state. The money has since been released, and the contract award will likely come next month.

As far as the hillsides are concerned, repair and replanting will begin next spring, with the work likely to take a year. No cost figure has been established.

By Charles Cooper