From the Desk of the Publisher

It’s Here!


After months of anticipation, today our readers will find this year’s issue of The Finest, a compilation of those chosen as the best in their field, whether a business owner, service provider or volunteer.

Work on The Finest began at the end of May when CV Weekly first published our ballot in the paper and online on our website. For six weeks, readers had a chance to review the categories and write in their choices for those they felt were the best in each category.

Culling through those ballots was tough work; an estimated 10,000 votes came in. Not all were valid – some voters hadn’t made 10 choices, the minimum number for a valid ballot to be submitted. Some scalawags voted more than once – definitely not allowed. I needed to hire additional people just to count the ballots.

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Once the winners were determined, our sales team had the honor of notifying the winners. Some were floored, knowing how hard-won the designation is. Others were nearly speechless, overcome with the understanding that their customers and friends took the time to submit their name as The Finest. Many chose to take part in showcasing their win by promoting it in The Finest magazine, letting the community know of their business and service and expressing their gratitude in earning this prize.

In addition to being presented with a certificate, local shop Framed in Montrose provided frames to the winners for their certificates. An invitation to the exclusive The Finest party was also included in their packet of information. The party is held at Deukmejian Wilderness Park, voted by our readers as the Finest Sunset View. Gail Connell of Gourmet a go go will cater the event, having been named The Finest Caterer. I know it’s going to be incredible.

As you probably know, I don’t allow CV Weekly to be voted The Finest Newspaper – although I feel that the designation is well earned. I had to chuckle when, not too long into the ballot posting, another newspaper contacted me to see if it could be written in as a candidate for The Finest Newspaper. I explained that no, that wouldn’t be right since our paper couldn’t compete for that designation. He laughed and said that he understood but thought it would be funny.

I thought it was interesting that another paper wanted to be recognized as The Finest, but I understood why. Earning the designation carries a cachet with it that is enviable.

So congratulations to this year’s winners! I hope that our readers not only take the time to review the contents of this year’s The Finest magazine but that they also hold onto it for the next year, referring to it often whether they need a realtor or a mechanic, a plumber or a pediatrician or are in the mood for Italian or Chinese food – the finest in these categories and more can be found on the pages of The Finest 2018.