135 Years and Counting

Assemblymember Laura Friedman with Steve Pierce


Crescenta Valley celebrated its 135th anniversary in style on Saturday. The event was sponsored by Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger, and hosted by the Historical Society of Crescenta Valley and the Crescenta Valley Town Council. It was held at the picturesque setting of St. Luke’s of the Mountains.

The evening was a time to remember how Crescenta Valley began and how it has grown over the years.

The mistress of ceremonies, Marta Wiggins of the La Crescenta Library, started the night off by welcoming everyone to the historical stone church. Antonio Gallardo, vicar of St. Luke’s of the Mountains, gave the benediction. Residents of Crescenta Valley pride themselves on being a community that supports each other and works together; that was never more evident than when the entire audience sang the national anthem at the beginning of the event.

CV Chamber President Mike Riley and his wife Linda

The evening included an overview of the area’s history presented by Mike Lawler, Michael Morgan and Stuart Byles of the Historical Society of the Crescenta Valley. The valley’s good air quality is credited with bringing droves of people to the area, eager to improve their physical and mental health.

“There were a lot of sanitariums in the area,” Lawler said.

“There is one left. Anyone knows what that is?” Morgan asked.

The audience answered, “Rockhaven.”

CV High School award-winning jazz band provided live music

CVTC President Harry Leon was found darting around the courtyard, welcoming guests and dignitaries.

“I am very proud of [all] of you being here to make this night possible,” he said.

Leon thanked Supervisor Kathryn Barger for everything she has done for the community and for always taking his calls. He also praised her assistant Sussy Nemer who is always available to the town council and is always willing to help.

“What an honor,” Barger said of being at the event. “When I look around here, this is what Americana truly is. It’s small town, it’s about catching up with your friends and, quite frankly, I think it was great that we sang the national anthem. All too often someone sings [the national anthem] and we just stand there. But today we were all singing together, and that is what community is about.”

Barger added she trusted the judgment of the CVTC and when they came to her office with a recommendation she can “take it to the bank.”

CV Weekly Publisher Robin Goldsworthy and Amy Mandel

Don Norbut, proclaimed the grandfather of La Crescenta, received a key from CV Town Council President Harry Leon
Ed Waldheim of J’s Maids received a side door key to the city
Glendale Police Chief Carl Povilaitis
Greg Astorian and Father Antonio Gallardo
State Senator Anthony Portantino with Supervisor Kathryn Barger
Supervisor Kathryn Barger and Mike Lawler with the Historical Society of the Crescenta Valley
Supervisor Kathryn Barger received a ‘key to the city’
The CV Town Council
The night ended with dancing in the courtyard of St Luke’s of the Muntains