Quick Actions by a Deputy Averted DisasterQuick Actions by a Deputy Averted Disaster

On Wednesday, at 11:19 a.m., Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Marcelo Ruiz and his partner, Reserve Deputy Alfred Danelian observed a woman frantically trying to get his attention as she drove southbound from Foothill Boulevard onto Pennsylvania Avenue.

Deputy Ruiz attempted to catch up to her as her vehicle continued to gain speed.  Ruiz, realizing something was drastically wrong, accelerated with red lights and siren and eventually caught what was determined to have been a runaway vehicle.

Deputy Ruiz drove and positioned his vehicle in front of the woman’s car and stopped her vehicle with minimal damage (a scratch to the bumper) and no injury or death.

The woman’s vehicle ran through five intersections that had cross traffic and red lights.  Amazingly, no traffic accidents occurred, and no one sustained any injuries.

The driver of the runaway vehicle was badly shaken and was very grateful for the deputy’s assistance.  Her brakes were confirmed to have been non-functional, according to sheriff officials.

LASD is very proud of our field deputy’s actions and the potentially life-saving measures immediately provided for the safety of the community and the motorist, said Capt. Dave Silverparre.