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Thursday, Sept. 11, 2014 in the Crescenta Valley was surely a day to remember. The CV Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the Early Rodders Car Club organized the second annual Remembrance Parade, a commemoration of Patriot Day and an opportunity for the community to show its respect for those who died on Sept. 11, 2001.

I was fortunate to ride in one of the parade cars with my longtime friend Stan Birchall and CV Weekly proofreader Anne McNeill. Along with about 30 other classic vehicles, we were able to see firsthand the outpouring of support and respect for Patriot Day.

Highlights of the morning included driving by Rosemont Middle School and I can say that those of us in the parade cars probably didn’t have a dry eye among us. Principal Cynthia Livingston arranged to have every student curbside – about 1300 in all – some waving American flags and all cheering on the parade. Most of the schools we passed – Monte Vista, Valley View, Dunsmore, St. James, Lincoln and CV High School – all had a contingent of kids outside, some hollering, “U.S.A.! U.S.A.!” Considering that none of the elementary kids was even born when 9/11 occurred, this was heartwarming.

The parade wasn’t the only event held. On Thursday night, Bob Smith Toyota hosted a tribute and on Saturday, the CV Youth Town Council held a ceremony at the war memorial at Two Strike Park. Of course, CV Weekly was at all of the events and a detailed story with pictures begins on page 3. There were so many photos sent to us of these events that there is no way that we can include them in the paper, so I hope you will visit our website (click on NEWS) to see a full gallery. Also, our own Charly Shelton pulled together an incredible video of the parade. It’s about eight minutes long, but captures the spirit of the parade. I hope you take time to visit our website and check it out (click on VIDEO).


Friday, Sept. 12 was the date that La Crescentans celebrated – you might say that the 91214 came out on 9/12/14!

The centennial event was a chance to showcase local historic and iconic places. Fifteen in all were identified and folks were encouraged to spend some time visiting some or all of them. From what I’ve heard, everyone who participated in celebrating La Crescenta had a wonderful time. Special thanks are extended to Stuart Byles who welcomed visitors to Deukmejian Park and Le Mesnager barn, Robbyn Battles and Kyle Studebaker who greeted people at Crescenta Commons, Dianne Thompson who opened her historic home, Mary O’Keefe who manned St. Luke’s of the Mountains, Joanna Linkchorst and the Friends of Rockhaven who had a pop-up in front of the property to greet guests and the marvelous ladies over at the La Crescenta Woman’s Club who not only opened their doors, but offered delicious refreshments. I’m sure I’m forgetting someone, but please know that without your enthusiasm the day couldn’t have happened.