From the Desk of the Publisher

Patriot Day 2023

I had the privilege on Monday, Sept. 11 – Patriot Day – to take part in the annual 9/11 Motorcade that remembers, honors and respects the memory of those who perished on Sept. 11, 2001. The motorcade was the creation of the CV Chamber of Commerce and one of its longtime members and contributors Jean Maluccio and the Early Rodders. Jean died last year and this year’s motorcade was also held in her memory. She, with fellow Chamber board members and members of the Early Rodders, wanted to create an event that commemorated the events that happened across our nation on 9/11/01.

Dwight Sityar, who also is a Chamber member, oversaw the huge undertaking of this motorcade, coordinating with CHP officers to create a path that the 50-plus vehicles would travel, blocking off streets and working with local schools and safety enforcement locations to let them know when we’d be passing by. In addition to being part of the CV Chamber of Commerce, Dwight is a member of the Early Rodders, an organization that embraces vintage and classic vehicles. He coordinated their participation – and the members have never declined. Convertibles, hot rods and muscle cars carried dignitaries and others as passengers and traveled throughout the foothills along with law enforcement vehicles and fire engines. Dignitaries included United States Representative Judy Chu, members of the GUSD board of education, the Glendale City Council, the CV Town Council and CV Chamber of Commerce.

We passed by many of the local schools – elementary, middle and senior high – and were greeted by thousands of cheering students. Every time I’ve participated in the motorcade I am floored by the number of students – most weren’t even born when 9/11 occurred – who take part, waving flags with many chanting “U.S.A.” It’s so heartwarming to me.

Thank you, Jean Maluccio and Dwight Sityar, for creating an event that reflects the patriotism of our community and giving us an opportunity to show it.


I just wanted to share with you that on Sept. 4 CV Weekly celebrated 14 years of printing and distributing the paper. We launched on Sept. 4, 2009 – the only Friday that the paper has ever come out. If you remember, that was when the Station Fire was raging across the foothills and I couldn’t distribute the paper on Thursday as I originally intended because so many streets were closed. Thankfully, on Friday we were successful.

I also want to share my gratitude. For over 14 years, readers and supporters have made sure the paper was published. Sometimes (especially during COVID) we had little to no revenue (you don’t advertise a closed business and advertising is our primary revenue source). Readers and supporters would literally give us money to “keep the lights on.”

I always remember with gratitude those actions that support my dream – the Crescenta Valley Weekly.

Robin Goldsworthy is the publisher of the Crescenta Valley Weekly.
She can be reached at or (818) 248-2740.