Time to find treasures at CV Sheriff’s Station

The Crescenta Valley Sheriff’s Station Volunteers Rummage Sale is this Saturday beginning at 7 a.m. Volunteers like those above have been cleaning and organizing the items that will be on sale. Photo by Mary O'KEEFE


Although not exactly an ocean-side town, many Crescenta Valley residents go “sale-ing” on the weekends. That is yard sale-ing to be exact and this Saturday is the king of all yard sales: The Crescenta Valley Sheriff’s Station Volunteers Rummage Sale.
Over the past 11 years the rummage sale has become well known among bargain hunters who come from all over Los Angeles County to find the best deal.
“It is really quite amazing how far people come for
the sale,” said Joanne Burg, sheriff volunteer and event planner.
Everything from clothing to bicycles and dining room tables are being cleaned and organized by volunteers in preparation for Saturday’s event.
“The community has been really wonderful donating so many items,” said Deputy Jorge Valdivia, the sheriff’s station community deputy.
The rummage sale is the main fundraiser for the sheriff volunteers.
The volunteers provide security for events like the Run for the Hungry and Crescenta Valley Fireworks. They also work the station’s front desk, transport documents from one station to another and are Volunteers on Patrol.
Sgt. Ken Binkley, community relation’s officer, said the volunteers help the station in many ways.
“When we have a major incident they will help with traffic control or if we have to close down a road they are there to help,” he said.
Recently there were a series of small fires in station’s patrol area. Volunteers, many of whom are part of the Arson Watch program, were requested to patrol the area.
“We sent out a request and within two hours we had eight people in four different units out patrolling,” Binkley said. “Another time we had a rash of burglaries in La Cañada. We were asked if we could use volunteers, an added source of patrolling the streets. The volunteers are extra eyes on the [area].”
Volunteers are also sent out to nearby areas like Altadena when needed.
“We rely heavily on them,” Binkley said.
There have been volunteers at the station for about 20 years. Unfortunately a tally of volunteer hours was not saved during the first five years.
The last 15 years volunteers have donated over 105,000 hours, Valdivia said.
Last year the volunteers worked about 12,000 hours saving the station about $581,288 if they would have to pay station personnel.
The funds raised by the rummage sale will benefit the station.
“We try to buy things for the station they can’t buy due to their budget.  For example we bought a commercial icemaker.  Whenever Montrose Search and Rescue would go out on patrol or to a rescue they would take ice packs either to help with a victim or to keep in a ice chest for water. Before they would have to go to [a store] and get bags of ice.  That not only costs them money but time.  Now when they get a call they just have to run into the kitchen, fill their icepacks and they are gone,” Berg said.
Montrose Search and Rescue are volunteer/reserve deputies that patrol local mountains to those who need help including people who find themselves lost and unprepared for a hike or vehicle accident victims.  They average about 95 calls a year.
The volunteers donate time and the money raised to the station to make the community safer and to fill in the gaps where the state and county’s budget are lacking.
The rummage sale is not only a way to find that treasured item but a way to support those who volunteer their time to help keep the community safer.
The CV Sheriff’s Station Volunteers Rummage sale is on Saturday, Sept. 11, from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the lower parking lot at the CV Station, 4554 N. Briggs Avenue.