Tuesday Morning Car Chase on Foothill

Streets south of Foothill Boulevard between Lowell and Boston avenues were cordoned off on Tuesday as police searched the area for a shoplifting suspect who attacked officers.


It started with a call to Glendale police concerning suspicious behavior by a man in the Vons Market in the 3200 block of Foothill Boulevard at about 10 a.m.

“When [officers] first got the call the suspect hadn’t stolen anything yet but was acting suspiciously,” said Sgt. Daniel Suttles.

When officers arrived, Vons employees told them the suspect had allegedly stolen liquor and snacks. Officers saw the suspect in the parking lot; he saw them too and fled. An officer lost sight of him, then saw him get into a white Mustang.

Another officer who was approaching the parking lot used his police patrol unit to block the driveway leading to Foothill Boulevard. The suspect drove the Mustang toward the patrol vehicle, ramming into it. The suspect smashed into the car until the patrol unit was moved enough so the Mustang could leave the parking lot and drive onto Foothill Boulevard. GPD gave chase.

“At some point another officer arrived and used his vehicle to perform a modified pit maneuver,” Suttles said.

This spun the Mustang around and police units attempted to block him in. The suspect spun the Mustang’s tires, continuing to push against another patrol unit that was in front of it. Officers got out of their vehicles and attempted to make contact. They yelled at the suspect to turn the engine off and get out of his vehicle.

“One [officer] was in front of the Mustang, then there was another [police vehicle] at the side and one by the rear side of the [suspect’s] car,” Suttles said.

One officer attempted to get his hand through a window on the Mustang but the suspect gunned the engine and, with smoke coming from the back tires, was able to get past the police units. He drove over an officer’s foot during this escape.

The suspect then drove west on Foothill Boulevard but the damage to his car was extreme and he ended up ditching the car at the Everest restaurant parking lot just west of Boston Avenue and fled on foot, scrambling over a resident’s fence.

GPD quickly established a perimeter and brought in the K9 Unit to search for the suspect. Sgt. Suttles said that there was “a lot of scent” for the dogs, keeping them in the area.

Residents in the area were advised to stay in their homes with the doors locked. A systematic search did not reveal the suspect’s whereabouts; the police broke the perimeter and investigators went on scene.

The suspect is described as Caucasian, in his 20s, with a goatee who at the time was wearing a blue flannel shirt and black pants that had one torn leg.

The vehicle was found to be stolen.

Police have surveillance footage of the suspect and several people in the area filmed parts of the chase and investigation as well. Police are going through the footage gathering information. One piece of footage shows a man in a tree while officers and an airship searched the area. This footage was actually of another town, with another law enforcement agency – not that of the La Crescenta incident.