DRB gives approval to addition
The Glendale Design Review Board was highly complimentary of a proposed addition to 3308 Mill Ave., and approved with some minor proposed changes at its most recent meeting.
The project was designed by South Pasadena architect Anthony George, a new member of that city’s planning commission.
The two-story addition totals 1,185 square feet, and will be added to a 1,227 square foot home built in 1951.
The project is located at the rear of the house, and will maintain a one-story look to the front. Landscaping totals 46% and existing oak trees are maintained. Neighbors support the project. About 40% of the homes are two stories.

Marijuana moratorium extended
The Glendale City Council Tuesday extended by a year the current moratorium on marijuana dispensaries anywhere in the city.
The moratorium was first adopted last September, and then extended by 45 days. The current extension, to be voted on next week, is the last permitted under state law.
City attorney Scott Howard told the council that he continues to get inquiries about the dispensaries, permitted under state law.
A major court case is pending in Orange County to determine if cites have the right to outright ban the dispensaries. The city and county of Los Angles are both working to restrict the proliferation of the establishments.
Also complicating the issue is Proposition 19 on the November ballot, which allows adults to own and transport marijuana for personal use, and allows local governments to regulate and tax production and sales.
The federal government continues to classify marijuana as a class 1 narcotic and to prohibit possession and sale.

City honored for census effort
The city of Glendale was honored Tuesday for its efforts in the 2010 Census count, still ongoing.
The count, managed locally by planning official Jeff Hamilton, totaled 75%, and may reach 80% by the end of the year. National count so far has been about 72%.
The numbers are used for redistricting, determination of grant recipients and similar uses. Economic numbers are determined in a sparred set of surveys.
Glendale was especially honored for increasing the participation by previously hard to reach communities.
Total population of the city was estimated at 210,000, though that number is subject to change. Census results will go to the president at the end of the year.