Update on Byblos Fire


Los Angeles County Fire Dept. responded to a fire at Byblos Mediterranean Bakery at 2948 Foothill Blvd. on Wednesday afternoon, July 12.

The call came in of a fire that at first was said to have been contained to the roof; however, it soon spread throughout the restaurant.

People who were working in the basement smelled smoke in the area of the roof and called 9-1-1, which firefighters responded to immediately.

The fire was knocked down about 5 p.m. and crews stayed the night on “fire watch,” according LACoFD spokesperson Maria Grycan.

One firefighter was reported as having minor injuries and was transported to the hospital and released that same day. No other injuries were reported.

The fire was contained to the restaurant and did not spread to the building directly next door, Grycan said.

The containment to one building is in part due to 9-1-1 being called so early in the fire’s development. The restaurant at the time was not open to the public; the workers in the basement were there at the right time and quickly called emergency responders.

“That helped that somebody was there, [smelled] smoke and called right away,” Grycan said. “It if had gotten past the point of smelling smoke and flames were seen [on the roof] it could have been a lot worse.”

Mutual aid was provided by personnel from the Glendale Fire Dept.