Repairs to Park Manor Reservoir Approved


Glendale City Council approved a contract to begin repairs necessary to ensure the integrity of the city’s Park Manor Reservoir.

Located along the 2 Freeway behind the Glendale Sports Complex, city staff noted in October that the reservoir had suffered a partial collapse of its roof structure.

It was during draining and inspection of that reservoir that it had become apparent that it was in need of emergency repair. A total of 48 wooden columns needed to be being replaced or reinforced. Columns that needed to be scrapped would be replaced with concrete upgrades.

City staff recommended dispensing with bidding and to award the contract to Electro Construction Corporation of Los Angeles. The contract is for $401,963, with a contingency of $41,196.

Councilmember Ara Najarian questioned DWP General Manager Steve Zurn whether the repairs on the reservoir would be comparable to the replacement of the Chevy Chase Reservoir. The work on that reservoir had fomented a lot of division among local residents, with many complaining about noise and other disturbances from the project.

“[That project had incurred] what I felt was undue criticism from members of the community that any such replacement was even necessary,” he said.

Zurn countered that the two projects were not comparable as one entailed the wholesale replacement of a facility, while this one was merely to repair.

“This repair is absolutely necessary,” he reminded. “It’s not a huge repair.”

While he noted that the six-figure bill might seem to be high for a repair, replacing the reservoir would run the city into a cost of millions of dollars. He reaffirmed the importance of the need to repair the reservoir, which helps provide drinking water to the city.

“This reservoir is crucial,” he added.

Zurn also assured that local wildlife would not be disturbed by the repairs, nor would there be any problems pertaining to traffic congestion and noise for local residents.

“Quite frankly, [residents] won’t even know we’re there,” he said.

The meeting was also the last in which Councilmember Frank Quintero will be participating.

Originally declining to run in the 2013 election with the intention to retire from public life, Quintero was called back to council. Rafi Manoukian, who was elected treasurer last year, vacated his seat on the council in the middle of his term. Quintero was appointed by his peers in a caretaker role to serve out the remainder of Manoukian’s term until the special election held last month.

“It’s always nice to have fresh faces,” said Councilmember Laura Friedman, “but it’s going to be a big loss. You’ve done a great service to the city.”

Councilmember Dave Weaver, who pushed for Quintero’s appointment against opposing suggestions posed by councilmembers Najarian and Sinanyan, recalled calling his longtime colleague while he was on a trip to Asia.

“I was pushing for you because you knew the [city] budget,” he recalled. “That’s how we got you.”

“I’ll hopefully be spending more time at the Bob Hope Airport trying to work out a terminal deal,” said Quintero. “But I’ve said everything I needed to say about 14 months ago. It’s been great serving all of you. We’ve all been together for a long, long time.”