The Littlest Things


After 14 years I’ve had to change the way I process my email. This might sound like no big deal but in actuality it’s a pain in the bottom. For example, our design guy works from home a couple of days a week. In the past, I would attach my file folders to my emails, send it off and he could begin processing the contents. Not any longer.

The system I now have to use doesn’t allow me to pop a folder into an email and send it off. Instead, I have to attach individually the photos and story then send it off. Whereas in the past I used to send maybe 10 stories at a pop, I now have to open a file folder, attach the components and send it to him in one email. This makes it easier for him to discern what photos go with what story. What an absolute pain. And it takes forever.

And right now we’re pretty busy here at CV Weekly. In just a couple of weeks we’re going to release our annual magazine The Finest. It spotlights those within our community who are the best – The Finest – at what they do or what services they perform. As you can imagine, after five years (our last Finest came out in 2019) some of the machinations of putting together a magazine have changed. Deadlines were skewed, our sales team has been super busy letting the winners know of their victory and our design team has been working hard to design an awesome magazine worthy of a five-year wait. We plan for you to have it in your hot little hands on June 27. I hope you agree that it was worth the wait.


On Saturday, I made my way to Santa Monica Beach for this year’s They Will Surf Again – Life Rolls On (LRO) event in Santa Monica. (During the summer, LRO events are held on the beaches of Santa Monica, Huntington Beach, La Jolla and Santa Barbara.)

LRO is an adaptive surfing program started by Jesse Billauer, a world class athlete who suffered a spinal cord injury.

LRO supplies adaptive surfboards and beach transfer wheelchairs. Participants supply their own gear – wetsuit, lifejacket (for athletes), fins (for deep water volunteers) and towels. 

It was incredible to see the number of volunteers who assisted these athletes – many were in the water and some were on the sand. There were several teams designated by colors – purple, red, gold, etc. My husband Steve, my son Patrick and his wife Elizabeth have worked on the purple team for years and they did this time, too.

Though I was only an observer it made me proud to realize the hard work the volunteers put in to create an exceptional experience for the surfers; I know I’ll return to watch them again.

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