From the Desk of the Publisher

The Goldsworthys are Expanding … Again

There’s big news in our household – well, not specifically in the household of Steve and me but in the Goldsworthy household in general. No, no more babies due this year (that I’m aware of…) but a well-known business in the Crescenta Valley community is changing hands.

Most who live up here are familiar with the Morelli family and their business, Bonners Party Rentals. Well, the Morellis have moved on and have sold Bonners to our son Danny!

I know there have been some changes in the last few years in the type of service that Bonners has provided due primarily to the out of state move by the family. However, with Danny at the helm (and with help from his family) I’m confident that the Bonners name will still be on the lips of those ready to plan their next shindig.

 And what a perfect time of year to take over a business that provides the essentials for a successful party! With graduations, Father’s Day celebrations and baby showers (to name a few) people are eager to gather together to share each other’s company. And what better way to do that than by planning an event that folks will never forget?!

I know that Prom Plus relied heavily on Danny and Bonners this past weekend. As many of you probably know, Prom Plus (the after-prom event held at the Crescenta-Cañada Y) was curtailed for two years due to the pandemic. So this year’s event was the result of two years of pent-up celebration. Bonners was needed to provide everything from stanchions to tables and tablecloths. As always, it came through getting us everything we needed in order to guarantee a good time by CV High School prom attendees, their guests and walk up seniors who didn’t attend prom but wanted to go to Prom Plus.

As in years past we had a bevy of activities for our attendees to enjoy: a zip line, full casino, mechanical bull, climbing wall, Henna tattoo artists and food ­– lots and lots of food! And don’t forget prizes. All the players in the casino earned tickets that gave them chances to win the coveted “casino prize:” an iPad, a three-in-one charging station and gift cards that were all packaged in a laptop backpack. Upstairs in the prize room, seniors had been given tickets when they checked in that they could deposit into a corresponding bag for a chance to win other prizes.

The increased cost in gas did hit Prom Plus, especially since some of our vendors come from as far away as Long Beach, but it was worth it to have some experienced and trustworthy folks on hand to help make memories for our seniors.

As our new president Joy McCreary said, “They deserve it.”

In addition to the vendors, including Bonners, who made Saturday/Sunday such a successful event, thanks are extended to the volunteers and financial and product donors who ensured that this Prom Plus was a night to remember.

Robin Goldsworthy is the publisher of the Crescenta Valley Weekly.
She can be reached at or (818) 248-2740.