CV Schools Show Strong API Scores


Students have barely put their number two pencils down from the most recent round of Standardized Testing when the scores from last spring’s testing have been released.
The Academic Performance Index (API) is an annual measure of test score performance of schools and districts. The scores range from 200 to 1,000 and indicate how well students and the districts are performing.
The numbers that were released on May 5 by the California Department of Education are the Base API scores. These numbers will be compared to

the Growth API scores released in early fall.
The goal has been for schools to reach the 800 mark. All of Crescenta Valley schools have gone beyond that goal. To the right is a list of local schools and their scores.
The district is happy with the high scores at the schools but that does not mean there isn’t more work to be done, said Asst. Superintendent Katherine Fundukian Thorossian,
“At schools that are at 940 and above, there are still kids that are unsuccessful so we look at how we can be more successful for those students.”