Americana Scene of Car Chase


It was a wild ride at the Americana on Tuesday when a man allegedly punched the car of another driver, drove at a high rate of speed through the parking structure and broke the parking barricade as he sped out of the structure and into heavy pedestrian traffic.
At about 7:30 p.m. Glendale police received a call concerning a “disruptive male” who was seen punching a vehicle in the parking structure at the Americana in Glendale.  Apparently after he was done punching the vehicle he got into it and drove off at a high rate of speed.
When police arrived they were told the suspect was still in the structure. Police were posted at the exits and searched the area. Police found that the man driving a black Ford truck had exited the structure and sped eastbound on Broadway. Police pursued the suspect, later identified as Bryan Andrew Sawicki, 27, of Glendale. His vehicle was pulled over by Glendale police at a parking structure at 100 W. Broadway.
A witness reported that she was driving to the center of the structure when a black truck, allegedly driven by Sawicki, sped up behind her. The truck drove around her vehicle almost colliding with her. She honked. The truck passed her then stopped in front of her car. Sawicki got out of the truck and walked back to the woman’s vehicle. He began yelling obscenities and punching the front hood of her car. He then got back into his truck and sped off. Two other witnesses confirmed the woman’s story.
After the suspect allegedly punched the woman’s car and sped off he drove to the exit of the structure. A witness reported that the driver of the truck paused at the exit. The witness reported the driver had his hands on the steering wheel and was bent forward with his head touching his hands, looking down. Sawicki then allegedly drove through the parking gate arm.
Sawicki was arrested for driving under the influence, felony reckless evading, reckless driving and felony vandalism.
It is important to note, according to Glendale police, the Americana parking lot and surrounding roads were heavily populated with pedestrians.

Bryan Sawicki