Two Men Arrested, Suspected of Local Car Burglaries


Glendale police arrested two men suspected of being responsible for numerous burglaries in both the Glendale and La Crescenta areas.

On Friday at about 3:20 a.m. a Glendale officer noticed two men, later identified as Anthony Sage, 33, of Los Angeles and Clifton Ross, 31, from Baldwin Park standing in the driveway of a home in the 500 block of California Avenue in Glendale. Both men were dressed in dark clothing and standing next to a security gate. Ross appeared to be acting as a “look out” for Sage who had his back to the street.

When the officer began approaching the two men they began to walk away quickly in separate directions. The officer advised both men to stop but they did not comply. The officer repeated his request and Ross stopped. Sage continued to walk but was ordered once again to return. He turned and stepped up onto the stairs in front of a nearby location. The officer reportedly saw Sage throw an object into a bush. After an investigation neither suspect was found to have a wallet, identification or car keys on their person. One pair of black gloves was found in Sage’s jacket pocket.

Upon further investigation, Sage allegedly told the officer he had been visiting a friend in La Crescenta and had gotten off the freeway to look for a gas station and payphone. This seemed an unusual explanation for the two to be in a residential neighborhood.

A vehicle, a white Ford Taurus, was registered in Sage’s name and was parked about a block away from where the two men were initially found.

Ross was on parole for narcotics.

Another officer arrived and after searching the area where Sage allegedly had thrown something into the bushes, a large screwdriver and flashlight were discovered.

During a search of Sage’s vehicle officers allegedly discovered multiple screwdrivers, pliers, cameras, cellphones, keys, AC adapters, flashlights, pawn receipt, walkie-talkie, garage opener, drill bit and Bluetooth. A Garmin global positioning system was also found. The residential address to the GPS was a home in Studio City.

“Based on their modus operandi they [appear] to be responsible for multiple (vehicle) burglaries in the Glendale and the La Crescenta areas,” said Sgt. Tom Lorenz.

The suspects appear to take small electronic devices, he added.

The Glendale police are now asking for anyone who may have had their vehicle or home burglarized recently or may have seen the two suspects and/or their vehicle to contact the Glendale police at (818) 548-4840.