Glendale Fire Warns Residents of Solicitors


The Glendale Fire Department is warning residents to be aware of fraudulent phone solicitors that claim to be raising funds for the fire department.

“They [appear] to use high pressure tactics,” said Capt. Stu Stefani.

Stefani said he had found out about the phone calls from a Glendale resident that came to the station to make a donation. He told firefighters that someone had called his home asking for a donation to Glendale fire. The solicitor was aggressive in asking for the money, the resident got upset and hung up on the caller.

“He felt bad so he came by the station to give us a donation. That’s how we found about the [calls],” he said.

Members of the Glendale Fire Department do not solicit donations in this manner.

“We raise funds through corporations and non-profit organizations,” Stefani said.

On Friday Glendale Fire received a check for $2,000 from the Glendale Sunrise Rotary. The money was donated to support the department’s Junior Fire Program that is available to all fifth grade students in Glendale public and private schools. Teachers are provided a manual to discuss with students. A firefighter also visits each classroom with a presentation that includes interactive exercises and DVD.

Donations for programs like this and others are made through organizations, Stefani added, and are not raised through phone calls.