Montrose Search & Rescue Team Monthly Recap

The Montrose Search & Rescue Team is comprised of local community members that are sworn reserve deputies and high risk volunteer members of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. In addition to being certified EMTs, the team has members that are specially trained for underground/mine rescues as well as ice rescue. This results in the team often being called to other counties in California to assist with their rescues.

January was a busy month for the team with 10 call outs.

01-01   Rescue – Car over side. Angeles Crest Hwy
01-06   Search – Possible body recovery. Angeles Crest Hwy
01-12   Rescue – Car over side. Angeles Crest Hwy
01-13   Rescue – Body recovery. Angeles Crest Hwy
01-13   Rescue – Mine rescue, body recovery. Out of county
01-16   Assist – Colby Fire. Glendora
01-17   Search – Overdue hikers; found. Switzer’s
01-18   Rescue – Five hikers stuck on cliff. Veterans Park
01-22   Search – Hiker activated emergency beacon. Mt. Waterman
01-26   Search – hiker overdue; found. Mt. Baden Powell
01-26   Search – hiker overdue. Mt Wilson

The Montrose Search & Rescue Team is always seeking community members who want to volunteer their time by saving lives and reuniting lost hikers with their families. To learn more, attend the monthly meeting held the first Wednesday of each month, at the CV Sheriff Station, 4554 Briggs Avenue, La Crescenta at 7:30 p.m.