GTA Says “No” On S


The Yes on S campaign hit a snag with the Glendale Teachers Association.

“The GTA went against the bond,” announced GUSD Superintendent Richard Sheehan.

Sheehan, members of his staff and several GUSD board members have been campaigning in favor of Measure S.

According to the Yes on S website, Measure S would in a sense extend the taxes residents within the Glendale school district have been paying for Measure K.

“I have a concern with how the Measure K money was spent by the administration and the board,” said Tami Carlson, president of GTA.

Sheehan had said if Measure S passed the money would be used for items like advanced technology for classrooms but Carlson’s concern is the size of the classroom more than the technology added.

“The main reason [GTA voted against supporting Measure S] is the money raised cannot be used to reduce class size, take away the furlough days or buy classroom supplies,” said Carlson.

“With class size increasing, technology does not help [teachers] get to those individual students,” she added.

Losing the support of the teachers is a blow to the district’s efforts.            “Unfortunately it has come down to a trust factor,” Sheehan said.