Deukmejian Wilderness Park Gets a Dose of Green

Photo by Eli LOCKE Volunteers at last Saturday’s tree planting event at Deukmejian Wilderness Park listen to a parks department representative explain how to ins≠tall fences around the seedlings.


This past Saturday volunteers participated in tree planting as part of a workday at Deukmejian Wilderness Park. The event started with demonstrations on how to plant trees and how to recognize what weeds should be removed. Non-indigenous plants pose a threat to the native plants and trees that are being planted in an effort to repopulate the wilderness park that was damaged due to the Station Fire.

The trees were placed in locations that were designated by members of the Glendale Community Services and Parks Department. Each seedling was surrounded by a small protective fence to keep it safe from animals that might pose a threat. In just a few hours the volunteers planted around 30 Big Cone Spruce trees, which once covered much of the area. In the two tree planting events the county has organized, a total of 50 trees have been planted by volunteers. The trees will take several years to mature and strengthen to the point where their growth will begin to be very noticeable, at which point they will begin to grow very rapidly.

The next wilderness workday will be on Feb. 19, and will focus on tree watering and weed removal. All are encouraged to join in and help to maintain the wilderness areas of the Crescenta Valley. To participate, contact David Moreno of the Glendale Community Services & Parks Department at (818) 548-3795.