Easiest Christmas tree shopping ever

Photo by Mary O’KEEFE Falcon baseball team captain Bogart Avila was at the Crescenta Valley High School overflow parking lot early Saturday morning to help load and tie Christmas trees onto vehicles as part of the team’s fundraiser.


Falcon football and baseball teams’ Christmas tree fundraiser ended this Saturday with a parking lot full of picture perfect trees and very happy customers. The teams combine their efforts in selling trees as part of a win-win fundraiser. The trees arrived at the Crescenta Valley High School overflow parking lot on Friday where footballs players off loaded them. Baseball players arrived before sunrise on Saturday to ready the trees for those who had preordered.

Team supporters began arriving just before 6:30 a.m. and players helped carry and tie trees onto vehicles.

The trees came from United Melon Distributors.

“Our contact is Vann and he doesn’t [disappoint],” said baseball coach Phil Torres.

The fundraiser helps support the teams with the purchase of uniforms, equipment and general operations. Torres added that the fundraiser not only helps the teams financially but also teaches responsibility.

“These [baseball] guys get up early to make sure they are here and ready to load the trees,” he said.

Baseball captain Bogart Avila was there early but because he is a senior will not have to stay until they shut down at 11 a.m.

“[The seniors] are here to help the freshman and show them what to do,” he said.

Trees that aren’t picked up are donated to non-profit organizations or hospitals.

Although the lot was busy the sales were not as brisk this year as in the past.  Torres wants people to know how easy it is to get a tree and support Falcon sports at the same time.

“Next year get a hold of a baseball (or football) player and order a tree,” Torres urged.