ALFie Players to Present Disney’s ‘Aladdin KIDS’

Lanterman Auditorium will be filled with song and dance numbers when the ALFie Players, local students in grades three through six, present “Aladdin KIDS” on Friday, Oct. 25 at 7 p.m. The Assistance League® of Flintridge (ALF) fall drama presentation is a special adaptation of Disney’s animated film. 

All the magic will be shared, from the wondrous lamp the Genie appears granting Aladdin three wishes to a ride upon a magic carpet flying off to a world of adventure. This play is full of laughs, musical numbers and lively action. It is great family entertainment.

The talented young cast will perform under the guidance of ALF drama director Katelyn Fike. Tristan Waldron assists with song and dance numbers such as “Arabian Nights.” Nancy Abbott is the accompanist.   

Lanterman Auditorium is at 4491 Cornishon Ave. Admission is free. 

For more information about Assistance League of Flintridge, ALF drama or the performance, visit or call (818) 790-2211.