Chamlian Athletes Perform Well at Games

Vahan & Anoush Chamlian Armenian School, located in Glendale/La Crescenta, participated in the 37th Annual Homenetmen KAHAM tournament. The program includes all the surrounding local Armenian schools competing in athletic scholar sports games in various sports such as basketball, chess, soccer, table tennis, tennis and volleyball. A total of 38 basketball teams, seven soccer teams, six volleyball teams and more than 400 student athletes participated in this year’s Homenetmen KAHAM games held at Birmingham High School.

Vahan & Anoush Chamlian Armenian School officials said that the athletes that were sent demonstrated “great sportsmanship and teamwork” throughout the tournament. The sports teams were victorious in many sports categories and were recognized during the closing ceremonies. The school won 37 trophies in all and best overall in basketball (first place), table tennis (first place), soccer (second place), track and field (second place), and volleyball (second place). Chamlian was also awarded the Overall Achievement Award. 

Appreciation was extended to the coaches and athletes and parents of the athletes.

Chamlian also recognized its Athletic Director Tomik Iranosian and Coach Arpi Babakhanyan. The administration is grateful to its talented coaches, comprised of many Chamlian alumni and parent volunteers, who coached the various teams with enthusiasm and dedication. As part of the mission of Chamlian Armenian School to thrive as productive citizens and demonstrate respect for others, strong teamwork skills are developed and moments of high integrity are modeled.