Working Parents Take the Day Off to Play

Photo provided by Mary DOLEZAL-SATTERLEE Mike Herrick makes footprint art with his son Matthew.

On a recent Saturday, Crescenta-Cañada Cooperative Nursery School director Nita Imm hosted the working parents of her students for a special day at CCNS.

Often just one parent participates at the cooperative on a regular basis while the other parent works. But on Saturday, Feb. 5 CCNS welcomed the working parent to participate in a typical school day.

Working Dads took to the floor and played with their Busy Bear (4 year olds) or Darling Duck (3 year olds).

The Darling Ducks and their Dads painted handprints and decorated little flower pots with stickers and other decorations. They then planted a flower in the pot to take home to Mother. Both classes participated in story time, sang songs and enjoyed snacks together.

The Busy Bears painted footprints with their dads and although a little messy, everyone had a fun and memorable time.

CCNS has been teaching and caring for preschool aged children for over 50 years. The goal of CCNS is to provide rich experiences and opportunities for children to develop sound relationships with their peers while providing a nurturing environment where children can develop good feelings about themselves, their abilities and the world around them.

Contributed by Mary DOLEZAL-SATTERLEE