Meet Ivy Hopper

Ivy Hopper is a teen columnist who talks with authors and fans of books that are currently being read by today’s youth.

This week I sat down with Pamela Wells who wrote THE HEARTBREAKERS.

I got advice from Pamela about her breakup code in THE HEARTBREAKERS.

I was challenged by Pamela Wells to follow her breakup code to nurse my broken heart.
This is the advice that she offered me:

Ivy: Why are you so adamant that your break up code works?
: I know that my breakup works because I have used it on myself.

Ivy: How many bad break ups have you had in life?
: One really bad one.

Ivy: Was this break up the inspiration for you to write your book?
: Yes. I wanted to create a break up code for teens about how to handle a breakup.

Ivy: Did you break your own rules in the break up code?
: Yes, I broke every last one of them.

Ivy: If you broke all your own rules, how did you get over your breakup?
: I did not keep breaking my own rules. I started to follow them religiously.

Ivy: What do you suggest I do to get over my broken heart?
: You should follow my break up code. It really does work.

Ivy: I am going to follow your break up code starting today.
: You do that. Once you see that it works then talk to me about it again.

Ivy: What rule is the hardest for you to follow?
: All of my rules were hard for me to follow because I wanted my ex back.

Ivy: Can a set of rules really get you over an Ex?
: Yes they can. I know that it sounds like a gimmick but it is not.

Ivy: What advice do you give people about going through a bad break up?
: You will get over this. Read my book about how to get over a break up.

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