Caroling in the Park

Members of the community gathered to hear Caroling in the Park on Dec. 16 hosted by the Adams Hill Neighborhood Association.
Photo by Scarlett SALTZMAN

By Scarlett SALTZMAN, intern


The Adams Hill Neighborhood Association held its annual Caroling in the Park performance on Saturday, Dec. 16. The event took place from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. in Glendale’s Adams Square Mini-Park. The show saw an increase in popularity this year with several hundred people attending to hear the carolers sing.

“We’ve hosted this event for a total of nine years along with the holiday display,” said Adams Hill Neighborhood Association President Stephen Meek. Along with the caroling presentation, The Association runs a Community Art in the Park display the week before Thanksgiving. Artists from around the world are invited to participate and make artwork for this exhibition. The installation offers visitors of the caroling event a unique exhibit to explore while listening to festive music. The installation remains open to the public until Jan. 12.

The exhibit, though, was not the only feature of the caroling show. Guests at the performance were also served free hot chocolate and a variety of desserts. Arranged on a table with poinsettias, fairy lights and candles, The Association was provided a magical experience. Programs were also provided so guests could join in and sing along with the performers. The Caroling program’s “Visit with Santa” was by far the most popular attraction offered. Children and adults alike gathered around Santa, asking for gifts and taking photos on his lap.

The show welcomed children and dogs, too. The park offers plenty of grass for dogs to run around on and a playground for children to play on while adults enjoyed the caroling. Between Santa, cookies and games of tag, the event was a child’s fantasy.

The caroling performance was complimentary and open to all individuals and families who wanted to get into the holiday spirit.

The evening concluded with a rendition of “O Holy Night.” With that, Santa bid his farewells and returned to the North Pole to prepare for Christmas Eve. The Association’s festivities do not stop here; it plans to host another Community Art in the Park event in the following weeks.