Time for TRON

By scuzzybit, Independent Program


Access Code 6

Password Series PS 17

Reindeer Flotilla…

Greetings, Programs! As you all know, the most important movie of the year is coming in just two weeks. All across the Grid, you have all seen updates from my user, Charly Shelton, at conventions and gatherings for the last year in preparation for the coming of the most anticipated movie this system has seen in many cycles.  “TRON: Legacy” is released on Dec. 17, 2010.

For those null units who have still not seen the glory that is the original “TRON” movie from 1982, you must know the story before we can continue. Sherman set the Wayback Machine for 1973. Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), is one of Encom’s brightest young video game developers. But then, while trying to access a high class memory using a stolen password, he is sucked into the Grid to do battle as a Video Game Warrior and along with the help of his friends, Tron, a security program, and Ram, an actuarial program, they take down the evil overlord: The Master Control Program (MCP).

“TRON: Legacy” is set 27 years later. Kevin has been missing for 20 years and his son, Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund), is accidentally sucked into the Grid while looking for him. Sure to be a huge, special effects-filled fun time for every program in the folder.

My friends, my fellow conscripts, hurry to the I/O Tower to buy your tickets now, because now that everyone is acquainted with TRON, I’m sure they will sell fast. Everything you need will be imprinted on this ticket. Should you lose your ticket, or fail to follow this command, you will be subject to immediate de-resolution.

Rez into theaters on Dec. 17 to see “TRON: Legacy.”