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Looking Back


Dromagh Castle, Homeland of Clan O’Keefe, Co. Cork, Ireland

Over the last 10 years, the Leisure section has grown and changed. Listening to feedback from our readers on what stories were wanted, we expanded deeper into restaurant and dining reviews, festivals and one-off events and, most importantly, travel. Travel has become such a large part of this section over the last five years that in 2017 we officially changed the name of the section to Travel & Leisure. With locales both near and far, the travel stories featured in CV Weekly have taken our readers to such places as a high tower overlooking the Irish countryside to kiss a lucky rock to being stranded on an idyllic beach in the Bahamas to staying in a luxurious concierge-level suite only 40 minutes from home at Disneyland to the rolling hills and fog-drenched valleys of California’s Central Coast wine country, and more. With the anniversary upon us and looking back on where we’ve been, the time is right to take a look at some of our more popular travel series and share some moments that stand out.


Our first international foray was to Ireland for a tour of the whole island. After 12 days and 1,500 miles of driving, we got a series of articles covering more than a dozen locations to visit, things to do and places to stay. From the Viking-founded town of Waterford to the new Titanic Museum in Belfast to the personal history of seeing the family namesake castle, Ireland offered a spectacular wealth of stories and photos.


The procession to Gallows Hill for the Samhain ritual in Salem

Salem, Massachusetts

Going to Salem, Massachusetts on Halloween for a Wiccan ritual on Gallows Hill where the accused witches were executed during the witch trials was an incredible experience. The feeling was palpable in the air during the ceremony and then to go from the peace and serenity of the hill down into the roiling sea of people in town who came out for some Halloween revelry and mischief was jarring but it gave us the opportunity to see everything the day had to offer.


Monterey/Carmel/Big Sur, California

California’s Central Coast wine region produces arguably the best wine in the state, making it high in the running for best in the world. CV Weekly has visited, revisited and re-revisited the region and its various hotels, inns, restaurants and wineries to give some travel options for those wanting a quick weekend getaway without a plane ticket.


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