Videogames on the Rebound


So you wanted a game for Christmas, but you didn’t get it.  Now is the time to strike, my friends, to get the hottest games at low, low prices from used game sellers like GameStop.  The hottest games of the holidays, and before, and even new games are bought at full price, beaten super fast by some creepy 5th grader with no friends who always kills me on XBOX Live, and then sold back to the store to get trade in credit to get a new game.  We can benefit from their lack of social skills by getting their gently played games at a discount.

Call of Duty: Black Ops, arguably the hottest game of the holiday season, is now only $49.99, saving you $10.

Before the holidays, the hottest game was Halo: Reach, an XBOX 360 exclusive.  It is now going for $44.99 used.

I hate to say it, but I have a Wii.  I know, shameful, but the only good thing about having a Wii is playing Epic Mickey, a Wii exclusive.  It pits everyone’s favorite mouse against Oswald the Lucky Rabbit in a world that might have been, full of forgotten Disney attractions and characters.  It is now $44.99, saving you $5.  Definitely worth it.

TRON: Evolution is amazing.  It is the prologue to the TRON: Legacy movie from last December, and it fills in the story leading up to and including Clu’s hostile takeover.  XBOX 360 copy is only $32.99.  You couldn’t make a better investment.  It is a fun game with lots of replay value and great online play (except for that one 5th grader who has, like, every powerup ever made and nobody can beat him.  Lame.)

Assassins Creed: Brotherhood is another super popular and fun game.  It involves sneaking and deception- a far cry from Black Ops.  If this is your cup of tea, it is only $49.99 used, saving $10.

One of the newer games, Bulletstorm, is awesome because it is violence for the sake of violence.  Super gritty first-person-shooter with a sadistic side.  XBOX 360 copy is $42.99 used.

Homefront is another new game involving a possible war with North Korea that comes to our shores and we have to defend our home in a patriotic wartime struggle.  For XBOX 360 it is only $42.99 used.

So stop by a used game seller and pick up some new games to get you through to summer.  And see if you can get good enough to take on that 5th grader.