CVHS Recommends Romantic Books and Movies

By McKenna MIDDLETON, intern

As Valentine’s Day approaches, talk of romance soon turns to the iconic movies and books that shape our perspective of the topic. The students of Crescenta Valley High School are not immune to the lure of idealistic love and many have a favorite movie or book that pertains to the topic.

“I like that romance movies always have the ideal guy and girl situation and the cute ways they act together and the happy endings,” CVHS senior Alessandra Luckey said.

A few students shared their recommendations for romantic books and movies to read this Valentine’s Day with CV Weekly. Among the most mentioned favorites were Nicholas Sparks books/movies and John Green books/movies, though most students were passionate about their one particular favorite romance movie or book.

Some students believe that the classics are the way to go when it comes to truly embracing romance through a movie or book. CVHS junior Carolyn Gruss recommends Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice” for a touching and endearing novel to read this Valentine’s Day.

“It has so many examples of what love should be and what it shouldn’t be,” Gruss explained.

Another route is to combine a book and movie during this season of love. CVHS senior Suraj Partha recommends the book “Dr. Zhivago” by Boris Pasternak as well as the movie of the same title.

“[It’s a] beautiful story about a doctor who falls in love with a political activist’s wife during World War I. I’ve always loved that movie and book. The story beautifully intertwines the communist Soviet politics at the time of the Revolution and World War, and the love story between the protagonist Yuri Zhivago and his love interest Lara,” Partha said. “It’s a great book to somewhat understand forbidden love in a difficult historical period.”

While some connect with the love that makes you reach for the tissues, others prefer romantic comedies that don’t take romance too seriously.

“Really cheesy love stories are my thing. I’d rather watch something that would make me laugh instead of cry,” CVHS junior Elizabeth Hart said.

Whether crying or laughing, many girls admitted to a preference of watching romance movies with friends rather than a boyfriend.

“I prefer watching them with my friends because we can ‘fan girl’ about it together while my boyfriend makes fun of it,” Luckey said, whose favorite movies are “Roman Holiday” and “Little Romance.”

No matter the title, company, or subject, romance movies and books are engraved in our culture, especially at this time of year near Valentine’s Day.

“In terms of romantic movies and books what I search for is the humanity in which the two characters portray. It is very difficult to find stories where the plot or characters are not predictable, cheesy and, worst of all, boring. I prefer two totally inadequate people hopelessly searching for something more than just lust. Dependency, trust and humor should be the touchstone for all romantic portrayals,” CVHS sophomore Tristan Ganzon said.

This Valentine’s Day season, the students of CVHS are expected to curl up with their favorite amorous book or movie to celebrate romance and love.