»Montrose~Verdugo City Chamber of Commerce

“We shape our dwellings, and afterwards our dwellings shape us.” ~ Winston Churchill

It is my belief that the saying goes for communities even more so. I’ve had the privilege of calling the beautiful Crescenta Valley foothills my community since 1985. Growing up I attended Rosemont Middle School and proceeded to graduate from Crescenta Valley High School. Along the way I made some incredible people and made life long friendships. As a youth, I enjoyed my summers taking part in sport camps, working summer jobs for local businesses and volunteering for charities. My parents established two of their own businesses in La Crescenta and proudly served the community for 25+ years. I always dreamed about following my parent’s footsteps of becoming an entrepreneur and opening my own business. I’m proud to say that in April of 2018, my dream came true with the opening of NextHome Luxe Group, a Real Estate brokerage under the NextHome franchise. As the fastest growing Real Estate company in the country, we are honored to be the first office in the Glendale -La Crescenta area. My business partner Sean Baroni and I are excited to bring such a consumer centric brand to our local communities.

I decided to join the Montrose-Verdaugo City Chamber of Commerce to help bring positive change for both businesses and residents. I have never taken upon a role of board member for a chamber, but I hope my understanding of Generation XY and Millennial behavior can help bring new ideas and actions. With a passion for marketing and events, I will focus my attention to helping fellow business owners expand their reach and help the chamber organize more community events. I look forward to working with my fellow board members for the second half of 2018 and hopefully for years to come. In the past 35 years this community has given me so much, now it’s my turn to give back.

Art Hovsepian
Vice-President | Realto