Uptown Face and Body Care in the Montrose Village Square!

Mary Dawson

Have you ever noticed the cute little village in the heart of the 2400 block of Honolulu Avenue? It’s a tranquil beehive of salons, eateries, and spas nestled within the shopping park. Uptown Face and Body Care is an intimate spa that has been residing there since 1996. Upon entering Uptown (2418 Honolulu, Suite E) you will discover a peaceful little lobby that leads to two spa studios. The lobby is where owner Maria Pasio or massage therapist Sherry will consult with you to ensure you are given the best therapy to meet your needs. While you are sharing, you are surrounded by the relaxing smell of essential oils that say “massage.” If you are looking for an intimate setting with two hands-on professionals who care about you, this is it.

Uptown Face and Body

Let’s start with Maria. Maria is the “face” expert at Uptown. She has the gift for doing facials and teaching skincare. It’s her passion. It’s what she does. I wish I had a picture of Maria to share here. There’s a tiny one of her on her website, www.uptownfaceandbody.com. She is very kind and wholesome looking with long brown hair and, of course, beautiful skin – the kind of skin that’s been properly taken care of. Maria’s background in dermatology influences all she does with the face. She enjoys working closely with dermatologists to complement her clients skincare needs. European facials, microdermabrasion, clinical peels, acne treatments and “non surgical face lifts” – Maria does it all. May I suggest “The Works European Facial”? For $95 you get a deep pore cleansing facial with aromatherapy pressure point massage, custom mask, neck & shoulder massage, hand paraffin treatment, plus an ultrasonic serum infusion. A great way to treat yourself!

Sherry is a beautiful blonde that specializes in massage therapy. She has 20 years of experience and, in fact, is an instructor at a massage school. Sherry knows all of the massage techniques: Swedish, deep tissue, and acupressure. She is also an expert in foot reflexology, and hot stone massage. Why go to an inexperienced student when you can go to the teacher, and in the relaxing Montrose Shopping Park to boot! When you call Uptown (248-8829) and set up your appointment you will find out why they made it to the top five for best facial/spa in Fox LA’s 2009 contest. Thanks for supporting all of the small salons and stores of Montrose!